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2598 Çarpışma Episode 4 With English Subtitle

Çarpışma Episode 4 With English Subtitle

The Story

These four characters, together with an accident, came to the screen of the intersection of their lives Kadir Adali’s “Collide was not actually we were, our fates” wherever you go, no matter how much you run, ultimately everyone returns, the scene of the incident. “Remarks. The teaser, which offers a visual feast, evokes the excitement of the horror-filled moments that seem impossible to realize when looking from the outside. The collision of four cars, the collision of the fate of 4 people, with its breathtaking story, starts on November in Show TV.

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  • release year : 2018-2019
  • runtime : 120 min
  • quality: HD 1080P
  • genre : Action | Drama | Thriller
  • release data :
  • cast: Alperen DuymazElçin SanguKivanç Tatlitug
  • keywords : Çarpışma

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