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1340 Maraşli Episode 2 With English Subtitle

Maraşli Episode 2 With English Subtitle

The Story

Marasli (BurakDeniz) is a retired soldier turned bookstore owner. For Marasli, life changed drastically after his daughter is shot. One day, the beautiful Mahur (AlinaBoz) enters Marasli’s bookstore and on that same day, she involuntarily gets involved in an incident. Marasli saves Mahur’s life and from that day onwards, their fates will be linked.

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  • release year : 2021
  • runtime : 120 min
  • quality: HD 1080
  • genre : Drama
  • release data :
  • cast: Alina BozBurak DenizSerhat Mustafa Kiliç
  • keywords : Maraşli

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