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4776 Gülperi Episode 1 Full With English Subtitle

Gülperi Episode 1 Full With English Subtitle

The Story

Gülperi is wife who hunterly killed while working at Eyüp Iraq border. Gülperi who learns that her husband is dead experiences a great pain. The greatest pain in Gulperi is to live with her husband’s family. The family takes the children from Gulperi, who think that their sons are the only ones who are responsible for the death of their son. She goes to jail in the war she is taking to get her children back. She sends her son to Istanbul to keep to her father-in-law away from prison. Gülperi continues her life by becoming a pagan in Istanbul. Then she finds a job in a fashion house and finds childhood love Avukat Kadir Aydin. There is a love between Gulperi and Avukat Kadir, but Gülperi’s mind is still in Bedriye, Hasan and Can in Gaziantep. She launches a great war of Avukat to get her children.

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  • release year : 2018-2019
  • runtime : 120 min
  • quality: HD 720P
  • genre : Drama
  • release data :
  • cast: Nurgül YesilçayTarik PabuccuogluTimuçin Esen
  • keywords : Gülperi

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